Monday, 25 July 2011

The Russian Wife who clearly received excellent Divorce Advice

There has been tremendous media attention over last few days regarding the divorce settlement which Ms Besharova’s divorce solicitors have secured on her behalf following her divorce from Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. It is reported that the settlement is in excess of £100 million. A record in Britain.

It is not only the amount, however, that is interesting. Ms Besharova and Mr Berezovsky only lived together for 2 years of their 18 year marriage. Under the divorce law in this country, however, this would still be considered a long marriage and entitle a wife to a substantial share of her husband’s assets.

Although the couple are both Russian because they live in England they have grounds for divorce proceedings here. It is likely the divorce advice received by Ms Besharova would have been that a financial settlement in England would be considerably greater than that which she could secure in Russia.

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