Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pick your battles

It has been reported that a couple in India who were together for less than a day, spent 30 years battling over their divorce.

This case is exceptional. For most people the process is very straightforward and the entire divorce process can take approximately four to six months from start to finish. However, some divorces take nearer to 12 -18 months as this is the time that it often takes to resolve the financial aspects of your divorce.

One of the main benefits of seeking divorce advice from a specialist Family solicitor early on is that it can help to avoid prolonged arguments with your spouse over minor issues and focus your minds on those issues which are more relevant to achieving a fair divorce settlement.

In the majority of the cases we handle, agreements are reached without the need for protracted and costly litigation. We specialise in identifying which battles are worth the fight and which to disregard.

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