Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Work Life Balance and How It Can Impact Your Marriage

The national press has recently reported on the Bergen Work Addiction Scale which is a test that has been devised by psychologists to measure people's addiction to work.  As a family lawyer, I often hear the term "workaholic" being used in a derogatory manner and it is regularly cited as a reason for the breakdown of a marriage and ultimately the grounds for divorce.

The researchers of the test claim that the increase in work addiction is as a result of "new technology and blurred boundaries between work and private life".  Certainly in this digital age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave work at the office which no doubt impacts upon the work life balance causing tension in the home.  Family holidays may be constantly interrupted with the vibration or beeping of the work smart phone much to the frustration of the rest of the family and adding to the stresses and strains of day to day life.

There are many specialist family consultants, such as counsellors, who can assist if you are experiencing matrimonial difficulties. My fellow family solicitors and I regularly come across specialists who are providing support to individuals or families as a whole which can often be invaluable and help them avoid divorce.

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