Monday, 5 November 2012


Increased ownership of foreign property by Britons in the last few decades has brought with it the benefits of different cultures for families, provided investment opportunities and not a little bit of welcome sunshine.

However, the turbulence caused by marriage break-ups and the global recession has given a stark reminder of the potential downsides too.

As my colleagues Fiona Wood and Louise Halford have remarked in an article in today's Daily Telegraph  many former spouses who took homes in Continental Europe as part of their divorce financial settlements have seen their properties experience a dramatic drop in value.

Some are now trying to revise the terms of those settlements in an effort to undo the damage caused by the economic downturn and improve their future prospects. The circumstances in which those financial settlements can be varied are extremely limited.

As they have sadly discovered, divorce is not only a difficult process but can be a complicated one too.

In such circumstances, it can be greatly reassuring to count on straightforward advice from specialist family lawyers able to guide you through the potential pitfalls in order to achieve a resolution which is right for you and your family.

One of our expert family solicitors at Pannone would be glad to discuss matters with you further.

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Vicki McLynn, Partner

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