Tuesday, 13 December 2011


It is reported in the Mail and other papers today that an unhappy wife has announced her desire for a divorce from her husband by putting a homemade banner near to the M4 announcing “For Xmas Dan, Jude wants a divorce”.

We frequently see on roundabouts and other prominent positions, birthday greetings and other forms of congratulation but it is more unusual to be so public about your unhappiness.  Having said this, Jude will not be the first person who has sought to shame her partner and make public a desire for a divorce.  There have previously been complete billboards referring to the other spouse’s infidelities.            

The question in the Reading area will no doubt be ‘who is Jude’, ‘who is Dan’ and ‘what exactly has Dan done ?’

Most people do not seek to ‘go public’ about the breakdown of their marriage as for most people it is a very personal situation.  People seek the advice of friends and family who can provide huge moral support and advice.

However, if you are in a situation where you see your relationship as at an end and you want divorce advice, you should contact a family law Solicitor.

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