Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Getting tough on Parental Child Abduction

Today's Daily Telegraph reported a call by the Lord Chief Justice for tougher sentences to be imposed on parents who are convicted of abducting their own children, opening up the possibility that they should be charged with the  serious offence of kidnap which can carry a life sentence.

The Lord Justice described abducting parents as causing 'unspeakable cruelty' and referred to the increase in cases where abducted children are taken abroad, sometimes for very long periods - a reflection no doubt of the 'global village'

Hopefully this will act as a deterrent but in addition to the criminal law, families who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation can also turn to Family Law Solicitors for help.

Specialist Family Law lawyers in the field of child abduction can act very quickly to ask the court for an order for a child to be returned from abroad under the terms of an international treaty.

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