Friday, 9 March 2012

Civil partners litigate over financial settlement

The Telegraph has today reported upon the on-going litigation between civil partners Mr Lawrence, a banker and Mr Gallagher, an actor. 
The couples wealth is allegedly in the region of £4million and the Telegraph report that the court has shared the assets almost equally between the parties. The press report that Mr Lawrence purchased a flat before the parties met for £650,000, now worth £2.4 million. Mr Lawrence's income is said to be £390,000 a year, significantly in excess of Mr Gallagher's income.
Mr Lawrence is appealing the decision arguing that the decision is flawed and that he made a significantly greater contribution to the assets. It is also reported that Mr Lawrence is arguing that his case should be treated differently because the parties do not have children and they will continue to pursue their careers going forward. 
The outcome of the case remains to be seen. It is the case however that the court has to take into account the same factors upon the breakdown of a civil partnership as they do upon divorce. Those factors do include things like contributions made. It is always important to seek advice upon relationship breakdown and Pannone can offer advice all aspects of relationship breakdown including financial settlements on divorce and arrangements for children. For more advice on divorce follow our family law blog or follow us on Twitter @Divorce_expert s  

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