Thursday, 1 March 2012

Romantics undeterred by Divorce

Marriage statistics published yesterday show that more than a third of marriages in 2010 involved at least one spouse who had been married before.

Fiona Wood, a family law solicitor at Pannone comments on these figures in several newspapers. She reflects that although people might have been through a difficult divorce time is a great healer.

The statistics show an increase in the number of men in their late forties choosing to marry and Fiona suggests that role models such as Sir Paul McCartney and Gary Lineker could have inspired men to remarry after divorce.

If expert divorce advice is taken the divorce process need not be a negative one. Those remarrying may, however, want to consider seeing a family law solicitor to discuss a pre-nuptial agreement before going down the aisle again. This can help protect a previous divorce settlement.

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