Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The continuing uncertainty for cohabitees

It has been reported today that multi millionaire artist Damien Hirst has, sadly, separated from his long term partner and mother of his three children Maia Norman.
Whether the couple have ever entered into any form of cohabitation agreement to provide for such a situation is unknown.
There is no doubt that the law already ensures that a rich father must pay child maintenance which is sufficiently generous to allow the children and their mother to enjoy the same sort of standard of living as they have been used to and to provide them with a suitable home whilst the children are in education.
However Ms Norman's situation shines a spotlight on the uncertain state of the law for cohabitees when it comes to sharing property and assets and the sharp contrast with that of a divorcee looking for a financial settlement at the end of a long marriage.
There has been much discussion about a change in the law to provide clear rights for cohabitees but as yet little progress has been made. In the meantime cohabiting couples are left to protect themselves as best they can by taking advice from a Family Lawyer and entering into agreements about their property should the worst happen.

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