Monday, 18 June 2012

Lack of Pre-nup Could Cost Klass Dear

The Daily Mail have reported that Myleene Klass is ready to fight her husband, Graham Quinn, in order to keep her £12million fortune now that they are facing divorce. Their relationship reads like a Hollywood movie: they met twelve years ago whilst she toured as a member of Hear'Say, and he was her bodyguard. Sadly their tale lacks the "happily ever after" ending. The Daily Mail claims that 6 months after their wedding, Mr Quinn left the family home and moved into his recently purchased flat, leaving Myleene and their two daughters.

As one of a new breed of breadwinning wives, it may be expected that Myleene's divorce settlement would include maintenance for her former husband, as well as a large proportion of the capital.  However, their relationship is not a true reversal of the traditional husband and wife roles. Myleene has also been left to look after their children on a daily basis: an argument often used by housewives for needing more of the marital assets than their breadwinning husbands.

Myleene may have benefitted from taking divorce advice before getting married as it may have been in her interest to have entered into a pre-nuptial agreement with Quinn. The family courts now must uphold such agreements unless there is very good reason not to and they provide clear evidence as to what the couple had intended to occur on divorce.

Pre-nuptial agreements can mean that on divorce there is no need to compound the existing hearbreak with the financial and emotional cost of fighting a court battle to sort out the family finances.  Consulting a divorce solicitor before you get married is at the least pragmatic, if not very romantic!

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