Thursday, 13 October 2011

21st Century Marriage

According to statistics revealed by the Daily Mail today, in 25% of marriages the wife earns more than her husband.
In addition, there are an increasing number of cases where the wife is the breadwinner and the husband the homemaker. Gone are the days of the traditional gender roles. The current economic situation and standard of living now dictate the roles of the husband and wife. This can place huge pressure on a marriage.
When any relationship ends, the courts have difficult decisions to make. Previously the court would assume that any children would remain with their mother and provide for contact with their father. Now, no assumptions are made and there are many cases where there is either a shared care arrangement or the children remain with their father and have contact with their mother.  
When determining the financial aspects of a divorce, the courts look at several criteria including the needs of the parties, their resources and contributions to the marriage. The intention is that a settlement which is fair to all parties is reached. This can now mean that wives end up paying their husbands maintenance.
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