Monday, 17 October 2011

Phones so smart they provide grounds for divorce

A New York husband claims to have used an App secretly installed on his wife’s new iphone 4S to prove that she has been seeing another man.

The screen shot from the ‘Find My Friends’ App posted by Mr Metz on the Macrumours website appears to show his wife in a very different location to that indicated by her text message to him.

Although Mr Metz’s comments on the site indicate he considers this gives him grounds for divorce there could be many reasons why she has not told him where she has been. He should ensure he takes divorce advice before taking any further steps.

Mr Metz also appears to think he will receive a substantial divorce settlement as he states on the website that his wife is ‘the rich one’.

Divorce law is, however, complicated and there are many factors which govern how a financial divorce settlement is reached.

The smart move would be to find an App to locate a specialist family law solicitor to provide him with expert divorce advice.

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