Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Nightmare of Parental Child Abduction

A recent report in the Irish press highlighted the increasing frequency of child abductions, including parental child abduction, which is probably not surprising in these days of relatively cheap and easy foreign travel and  more 'cross border 'marriages.
Sadly, as all Family Law solicitors giving divorce advice know all too well, these cases often involve a separating or divorcing couple where one parent takes a child out of the country without agreement or refuses to return with the child after a holiday abroad.
When this happens it can be a terrifying ordeal for the 'left behind' parent. The law on this type of case is specialist and complex and can vary according to where the child has been taken. But there are steps that can be taken by a child abduction solicitor to bring the child home and it is vital that when this happens the right legal steps are taken straight away.
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