Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Financial ties hard to break

Today's Metro features an article on an increasingly common theme - the influence of financial matters on people's decisions about relationships.

According to the article, Shelter has found that 235,000 people in London alone moved in with a partner for "mainly" financial reasons in the last 3 years, and that a further 128,000 had to remain living together after they split up because they couldn't afford to live apart.

The survey confirms our experience. Dealing with the practicalities of separating into 2 households after splitting up is often the most difficult issue a couple have to address.

Few people know their legal rights or obligations before they move in together . There are a lot of myths about what protection the law does and does not offer to people, whether married or living together, and whether or not they have children . Many people do not think of the potential implications before they start living together.

Whilst no-one likes to contemplate a relationship coming to end, it is advisable to know from the start where you stand . If the worst then happens unnecessary complications and disagreements could be avoided . A good Family Lawyer will be able to advise as to the legal and practical consequences of a separation in any given set of circumstances, which can help a couple decide how to plan and manage their financial affairs once they are living together.

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