Thursday, 17 May 2012

Marriage has never been so popular!

A recent survey by an on line casino revealed results that showed marriage is certainly not outdated and still remained a tradition that most wish to sign up to.

The survey revealed that 85% of their single male members intended to marry during their lives and 61% were prepared to describe themselves as "keen" to marry.

The results of the survey also indicated that the ideal age to commit to marriage is between 30 and 34 years old. Furthermore, 92% of the men undertaking the survey confirmed that marriage is a life long commitment.

It is certainly an interesting survey as it's results suggest that marriage is a common aim for most men in society (well, those men who undertook the on line casino survey).  As a divorce lawyer, it is very refreshing to hear about results that ultimately promote the concept of marriage in how it is viewed in society. However, as marriage is hopefully a life long commitment it should not be entered into lightly and it may be wise to take advice from a specialist family law solicitor with particular regard to pre nuptial agreements before tying the knot.

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