Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Naked Truth About Divorce

The Telegraph today reports of Michelle Mone's heartbreak following the collapse of her marriage to husband, Michael.

Mr Mone - the father of the couple's three children - reportedly left his wife for one of her employees, although he has said that it was Ms Mone's decision to feature in an underwear shoot which led to the breakdown of the marriage.

There are, of course, only two people who know the real reasons for the marriage breakdown. How does this relate to divorce? Aside from adultery and waiting for a minimum of two years to divorce by consent, the only basis which could be used in support of a divorce petition is the other person's "unreasonable behaviour." This is entirely subjective and can range from, for example, a husband's dissatisfaction with his wife's career choices, to serious incidents of domestic violence.

It is important for separating couples to realise that in the majority of cases the basis of a divorce has no bearing on any other proceedings - whether that be arrangements for children or the financial settlement. It is purely a means to an end.

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